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Texting While Driving – Zero Tollerance
Many states and cities are beginning to institute laws that prohibit Texting while driving.  Common sense tells us that texting while driving is dangerous.  Kinda like eating a bowl of soup while driving.
Keith Urban ‘Long Hot Summer’ [VIDEO]
Watch Keith Urban's new video for 'Long Hot Summer' here!  This is another great summer type songs we're playingon 949 KYSS-FM!  And did you know that Keith wrote this song with 80s pop singer Richard Marx?
Printer Ink Cartridges Cost Too Much!
I'm not one to shop very often.  Just don't like it.  Hate going to the store.  So when I do venture into The Wal-mart, The Costco, The Mall, The Grocery Store, I buy a bunch of stuff at one time.  That way I don't have to go back again anytime soon!
So here's my question, why is it that printer i…
Let’s Bring Alan Jackson To Missoula!
Let's bring Alan Jackson to Missoula for a concert!  We control this!  Click here to vote now.  Have you ever seen Alan in concert?  He is great!  Now 949 KYSS-FM listeners have the chance to bring Alan to Missoula!
Miranda Lambert In Concert In Missoula
Miranda Lambert is on her way to Missoula in October, the 11th to be exact!  Miranda will be at the Adams Center performing in concert with the Randy Rogers Band and my favorite, Justin Moore!

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