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Official Butterball Turkey Tipline Online!
Here it is! The Official Butterball Turkey Hotline! Now online!
Turkey Talk-Line Info
Phone Number: 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372). The Butterball® Turkey Talk-Line is open annually in November and December.
If you have any problems at all, any kind of questions this is the …
Top 10 Passwords In Use Today
Now just because I took a picture of a password at my desk doesn't mean I'm actually using it!
So, are you using just one password for all of your sites? Is it an easy password to remember? If so, you just might want to change it up about every 3 weeks or so. Here are a couple of Top 1…
What Is The Best Way To Cook Turkey?
I don't hide the fact that I LOVE turkey.   And as much as I love that bird, I have to admit, I've never tried deep fried turkey!
There are so many ways to cook a turkey.  Roast, Broil, Deep Fry, etc.  What is really the perfect way in your mind to cook…
Do You Skype?
Do you Skype?  This is such a great tool - Lori and I use it all the time to video chat with my Dad, her Mom, our grandkids in Reno...and the best part is, it is a free service!
Vacations and Time Off
So after a few days off surrounded by a weekend I feel very refreshed!  It's been over a year since I actually took any time off.  It was truly needed.  Just stayed home, nice and quiet, relaxing.  I can't remember the last time I had a 'do-nothing' vacatio…

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