Thanksgiving dinner

I Prepared My Turkey Different This Year
Cooking the turkey is one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving. This year I had a couple issues just with the thawing but otherwise it all was well. Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I did end up preparing my bird different this year.
The Least Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish
People Magazine recently released the best and worst side dish list by by Alex Heigl. According to them the number one dish on Thanksgiving is Green Bean Casserole. What is the least favorite? What side dish are people not really taking anything of?
Vanilla Yogurt Makes You Happy
Can yogurt make you happy? Apparently, it can ... as long as it’s vanilla yogurt. Oddly it's my least favorite kind too. To be happier though, I think I could stomach it.
Don’t Blame It on the Turkey
Without getting all scientific do you know why you get sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner? Scientists used to say it was something called tryptophan, a natural ingredient in turkey. But now they (the scientists) say you’d have to eat only turkey and on an empty stomach...
Thanksgiving Day Distraction
Everyone needs a little relaxation from all the pressures of cooking the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Plus if you need a little help in how to cook a turkey I’ve got just the man for you. Bon appetit.
Unique Turkey Dinner Recipes
‘Draft’ magazine has come up with a full Thanksgiving Day menu (seven dishes) and beer is a part of every item.  I have some family tradition recipes that I won’t give up but I’m going to try a couple of these.

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