Taylor Swift

300 Million Views for Non-Country Taylor Swift [VIDEO]
Out of curiosity I just had to see what Taylor Swift looks and sounds like as a pop star. No question she's an amazing talent. No doubt it took real guts to break away from what made her famous. And the gamble paid off... HUGE! And after watching this video like millions upon millions have, I h…
Zombies Take Over Country Music!
Oh no! In what seems to be a Halloween takeover, zombies have descended on Nashville. Officials are warning area residents -- and country music fans in general -- to stay away from any artist suspected to have a taste for flesh.
You Think You Know Taylor Swift?
Of course you know Taylor Swift's hit songs. And you probably know her movie roles and songs inspired by famous boyfriends ... But do you know what her first job was? Or which family member gave her the gift of song? And did you know she once recorded a song about a country singer not named Tim…

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