What One Place Best Defines Missoula?
If there was one place in Missoula that best describes Missoula, what location do you think that would be? As we all know Missoula is a little strange, a little odd, and very beautiful. Missoula truly is like no other place in the world...
Slithering Spa Treatments
I am a big fan of spas, and a particularly big fan of massages. If I could afford it, I would have a massage once a week. Sadly massages are one of those things that are more of a luxury than a necessity.
Ten of the Weirdest Montana Laws
Ten of the strangest, dumbest and oddest laws in Montana.
1. In Excelsior Springs, Montana, you are not allowed to "worry the squirrels."
2. In Billings, bands or other performing artists cannot leave the stage anywhere alcohol is served.
3. In Montana, it is illegal for married women…