snow day

Snow Day Birthdays II
Lots’a Birthdays today; Ryan Pitman in Seeley Lake is 3-from the whole family. Jimmy & Kenny Kohler (the twins) are 22-from Mom, Dad and the whole family, Lew Tripp is 48- from Grandma Angie (who never misses a B-day), Jim Umber, Mel Blanchard, Franklin Jones, and Noah Kindred. La...
Snow Day Birthdays
This was the day to have a birthday. Lots of people stayed home because of all the snow. Lynne Jensen,Rick Stowell,Richard Stepper,Eric Peak and Ryan Vetos.
Belated Birthday best wishes to yesterdays celebrants; Daniel Brockway, Pamela Ritter, Laurel Daniels, Joshua Bunting and Jay Woods