Ravalli County

Montana School Superintendent Juneau Wants Older Dropout Age
More funding for the Montana Digital Academy and a statewide raising of the dropout rate to age 18 from 16. That's what Denise Juneau, Office of Public Instruction Superintendent, wants to push through the legislature.
In an Associated Press story this week, Juneau want more funding for the Digi…
NORAD Welcomes Santa Again This Year Online
We're pretty sure that Santa has more than a learners permit to drive that sleigh, but the Montana Drivers Exam Office in Stevensville thinks it might have happened. Their "Student Driver" display is part of its entry in the Stevensville Main Street Business Decoration contest…
Darby Hosts Christmas Parade Saturday
It's another big Saturday in Darby.
The South Valley Civic Group has organized the first-ever Darby Christmas Parade Saturday, December 1.
Al Milton said the participants will be gathering at People's Market on the north end of town between 9 a...
Antarctic Study Co-Authored by Fritsen of Corvallis
Christian Fritsen, formerly of Corvallis, Montana, and a former post-doc researcher at MSU Bozeman, has co-authored a study on bacteria that live in an under-ice lake in Antarctica.
Fritsen, polar scientist John Priscu and Alison Murray of the Desert Research Insitute of Reno, Nevada, published the s…

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