Should Your Dog Wear a Yellow Ribbon?
In past years yellow ribbons were used to commemorate soldiers away at war and could be seen on almost every street. They were tied to trees, fences, mailboxes and even cars. However, today that yellow ribbon has a new meaning. Yes, thanks to The Yellow Dog Project, you can now see yellow ribbons ti…
National Pet Adoption Event Comes to Missoula
If you are thinking of adding a fluffy little kitty or a cuddly little puppy to your family, then you need to visit Petsmart this weekend for their annual adoption event. Not only will the Missoula Animal Control have pets available for adoption, but you will also see animals from numerous area shel…
Dog Toys and Treats
Craig & Al have wrapped up their Dog Toys and Treats Drive. Thanks to our listeners Now we’re headed out to Murdoch’s to buy some more stuff with the cash donations.
Too Hot for Kids and Pets to be Left in a Vehicle
It should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyways: Don’t leave your kids and pets in your car this summer. I personally witnessed dogs left in cars with the windows either closed or open just a crack on 80 degree days and heard of someone finding two small kids left in a car w…

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