6 Things to Do Outdoors This Summer in Montana
I’m always looking for things to do on my days off in the summer. I hate lying around at home and trying to figure out what to do. All I want to do is get out and enjoy the sunshine and summertime while it’s here. To help those of you out who are like me, I’ve compiled a list of my…
Top 5 Places in Missoula to Eat Your Lunch Outside
It's lunchtime and you've got your sandwich crafted from last night's leftovers. Your coworkers have already taken over the break room. It's way too nice to devour that grub inside. Leave your stuffy office and head to one of Missoula's parks for your lunch...
Find New Roads Contest Winner
A picture of blooming flowers underneath the Anaconda-Pintler Range won the first round of the Find New Roads Contest. Jessica Anderson submitted the photo, which she took while heading to the Sportsman Campground on the Big Hole River.
Topless Ice Fishing
Now before you go getting any ideas….no it wasn’t that type of topless. The Merland Park Resort on Picton Bay of Lake Ontario conducts an ice fishing tourney each winter and resorts owners Jennifer and Kevin Lavers like to come up with new “challenges” every year...
Help Fish Creek
The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department is looking for your help in shaping Fish Creek State Park.
Elk Harvest Up
Elk harvest numbers are way up along the Rocky Mountain Front. F,W,& P in Region 4 says after the second weekend of general big game season they’ve seen an increase of 46 percent over the average.
Let’s Get Dirty, Missoula – Check Out the Dirty Dash
I’m usually not all that into getting dirty when I run. I sidestep mud puddles and steer clear of mushy surfaces like wet grass and slush.
That’s not to say that I am a complete stranger to muddy mischief. I have many fond memories of the early years of my running career, when a spring pu…
How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise When It’s Hot Outside
After suffering through subfreezing temperatures all winter, it might sound silly to complain about hot weather. But just as “it’s too cold” is a common excuse to scrimp on exercise during the winter months, “it’s too hot” is a go-to reason to forgo a workout duri…
Running in Missoula’s Rattlesnake Trail System
I recently committed to running the Missoula Half-Marathon on July 8. At 13.1 miles, it will be the longest race I have ever attempted.
To help increase the odds that it also will be the longest race I have ever finished, I have been going on some pretty long training runs — way longer than I&r…

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