Why Carrie? Why?
Have you seen this? Are you aware of the atrocity that is going to slap us in the face this holiday season? A live remake of “The Sound of Music” will be shown on NBC on
What Do You Think About Missoula’s New Cellphone Ban?
The new cellphone-while-driving ban is now in effect in Missoula. People who are caught using a cellphone while driving will receive a warning until February 3, 2013. Beyond that date, tickets will be issued for anyone pulled over for being on his or her cellphone. We want to know what you think abo…
Are You Kidding Me?!? [OPINION]
Ok, so here's the deal...
I'm moving my family here to Missoula from Spokane next month when the kids get out of school.  So I'm simply looking for a half way decent house we can rent.  Pretty simple, right?  Don't answer too quickly!