Girl Scout Cookies Available Online Now
It's the most wonderful time of the year, girl scout cookie orders are on now! It is so difficult to pick a favorite that's why I always seem to end up with four or five boxes. The delicious thin mints, or the tag-a-longs, and don't forget about the samoas...
Just Kidding is Not OK
Young people are getting a little less accepting of racist and sexist words and other slurs they see online.
Here’s Why KYSS Sounded Funny
OK here’s the deal. That storm system that passed through the area yesterday wreaked havoc on KYSS-FM’s transmitter. It limited the area in which people could hear us. We went to work on it and got things back to normal as soon as possible.
Do You Trust the Internet? — Survey of the Day
The scope of the internet is mind-boggling. These days, there is more information available to you on your Smartphone than there is the world’s largest libraries.
But is this information you can so easily access from the web reliable?