Montana News Headlines for June 19, 2014
An airplane crashes near a Montana ski resort, a child sexual assault charge in Missoula, and flood warnings are just a few of today's headlines.Quad-copter footage of Missoula provided courtesy of Zoo M Photography.
Montana News Headlines for June 16, 2014 [VIDEO]
So you woke up too late to catch the morning news cast? Don't worry, we've got it right here. Sit back while Peter Christian reads today's top news headlines. Quad-copter footage of Missoula provided courtesy of Zoo M Photography.
Why Carrie? Why?
Have you seen this? Are you aware of the atrocity that is going to slap us in the face this holiday season? A live remake of “The Sound of Music” will be shown on NBC on
$295 Million Nap
Have you ever fallen asleep at work? If you haven’t, I’m sure there have been days that you wanted to. Days when it seemed it took all your strength and stamina just to keep your eyes open? One German bank teller gave in to his sleep craving and nodded off during work.
What is the Funniest Viral News Video of All Time? [POLL]
Getting the news to the public has never been easy, but now YouTube has made the process of reaching millions a little easier, as long as you electrocute yourself or happen to fall off of a a suspended platform. Without further ado, here are the nominees for funniest viral news video of all time...
Ashley Judd Isn’t Taking This Sitting Down
In the past couple of years I’ve noticed a peculiar, troubling trend developing. It involves people and how we view each other. On NBC Nightly News Ashley Judd expressed it all in a two minute interview.

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