Chase Rice Hanging in Missoula, Buys New Fly Rod
It maybe just coincidence but most likely he was here on business for his show coming up, but on Sunday Chase Rice was in Missoula and stopped by one of our local fly shops and got hooked up with a rod. Well we know he will be back to use it.
My First Time Eating Brown Trout
I have always been a fan of fish but don't keep fish while I am fly fishing I usually catch and release. Although I am not opposed to eating them when other people present the opportunity.
Buying Lady Bugs to Help My Strawberry Plants
I bought the best hanging strawberry plant and it has a ton of flowers but I am wanting to make sure it as healthy as it can be as I am known for killing things that I attempt to grow. So I found a little bug that is a good bug for your plants.

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