Missoula air quality

Missoula Valley Air
We think we have air problems here in the Missoula Valley. Just last week I blogged about how the EPA said the air in Salt Lake City was the worst in the west. Well nothing is like the air pollution they have in Bejing, China.
Worst Air in the West Region
The Missoula valley can have some bad air but Salt Lake City has got a real problem. A thick fog over the Salt Lake City area is making some people sick. It's prompted more than 100 local doctors to tell authorities to immediately lower highway speed limits, curb industrial activity and make ma…
Stage Two Alert Lingers
A Stage Two air alert continues for the Missoula airshed. A strong inversion continues to trap polluted air near the valley floor. An anticipated storm system should move into our area Wednesday evening bring with it some winds and snow...
Stage Two Air Alert Continues
As of 8AM Tuesday (1/22) Missoula air is still unhealthy and a Stage 2 Air Alert remains in effect.This Alert started at 5PM (1/21). The National Weather Service is forecasting the possibility of a minor storm system moving through some time tomorrow that could push out the cold polluted air trapped…
Uh, Could We Get Some Wind Here Please?
Air Quality in Missoula is, shall we say, a little funky these days.  While I love hiking to the top of Mt. Sentinel and while I usually find it pretty inspiring I'm finding it a little disconcerting these days.  That is some funky air.