What is the Northwest Angle?
We had a story on the Craig & Al Morning Show that mentioned the Northwest Angle of Minnesota.  Neither Craig nor I had ever heard of it so I went looking.
Missoula Chamberlin Rail Jam 2013 — The Artists
Chamberlin Rail Jam is hitting Missoula this weekend, and with it are four up-and-coming artists from the underground electronic music scene: Gramatik, Minnesota, ProtoHype and DCarls. Why should you be hyped up for these four electronic acts? Che...
Igor Vovkovinskiy Gets New Shoes
Igor Vovkovinskiy from Rochester MN is the tallest man in the United States. He stands 7’-8.” His real challenge has been to find shoes for his size 24 10E feet. Reebok heard about this some time ago and stepped up to build custom shoes for Igor...
Spring Ice Fishing In Minnesota
My niece's husband Scott sent me this picture.  He is an avid fisherman and was out early in the season in Minnesota.  And no, the guy in the picture is not walking on water.  And yes, he is fishing from a block of ice in the river.