Mike and Charene

Rock Creek Fishing!
Friday, the start of the weekend and time to fish! So I grabbed my rod and met my friend john at the Rock Creek mercantile to see what water monsters we could catch.
KYSS Ladies Going to Thompson Square!
The great benefit of listening to the radio is not only getting great music, local content BUT you can win FREE stuff! Like these girls just won tickets to Thompson Square from 94.9 KYSS fm.
Dezeray Lindsley just jumped online to www...
Brad and Angelina Together in New Movie!
Remember Mr. and Mrs Smith in 2005, starring Angelina and Brad Pitt? It looks like the two lovebirds will be sharing the big screen again!
Will it be a sequel to Mr. and Mrs Smith? Probably not, as people spectate what kind of movie it will be insiders say it is a relationship script that Angelina wr…

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