Mike and Charene

Charene Shark Fishing in Florida!
Something about fishing on Friday the 13th in a lightning storm for sharks just seem tough and crazy. Holy cow! One it is one of the craziest experiences I have had, for multiple reasons.
Plum Creek Explosion in Columbia Falls
Having lived in the Flathead for 7 years, Plum Creek has been a long standing company name and employer of friends and family of mine. Hearing yesterday that the mill in Columbia Falls, MT had exploded made my heart sink.
My First Fishing Report Video!
I was able to have one of the best fishing days ever on Rock Creek on Monday! Thanks to Rock Creek Mercantile and our guide Luke. We will be teaming up to do some fishing report videos. Can you see the Salmon Fly sitting on the oar?
The Only Way to See Montana!
I took my very first long ride on the back of a motorcycle yesterday! Five hours and I absolutely loved it and came to the conclusion the only way to see Montana is by bike.

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