Mike and Charene

Men Want Less Makeup, Ladies
They say makeup has been around for over 6000 years. It started with a few color assortments, now expanded to a huge money market. But according to a new study, guys find women more attractive with LESS makeup on.
Can You Say Spring Fever?
Even though it is a "skiff" of snow....the site of it this Sunday in Missoula has me running an extra high Spring fever. So I have decided to compile some photo's to browse that may inspire some warmth on this gloomy day.
Community Calendar!
Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Maybe wanting to plan something with the family? Well I have some great ideas for you!
Irish Wristwatch…Watch People Mess it Up!
There are many tongue twisters out there but this one is extra fun around St. Patricks Day! Try saying Irish wristwatch ten times fast ...
Getting the co-workers here at Townsquare Media Missoula to try this was so fun! Some had an easier time than others...
Vlogging and Whaling…New Trends
There is no shortage of crazy, odd stuff to entertain us. Especially with technology these days it's easier to be amused and  easier to amuse as well. Vlogging (Video Blogging) and Whaling are now in!
Please Don’t Move to Montana
There has been long talk of California falling in the Ocean. Last Sunday Eureka,California experienced an earthquake of 6.9 magnitude. A potent threat of a major earthquake of 9.0 magnitude is looming...and scientists expect it to be catastrophic.
Meet Mike and Charene [PHOTOS]
By now, you've had a couple of days to get to know Mike and Charene, the newest members of the KYSS family. But let's see if we can get to know them better. What better way to do that than to take a glimpse at some of their photos?
Let's take a trip with Mike and Charene, shall we...
History Lesson at The Oxford
What is one of the first stops to make while learning about Missoula? The Oxford Saloon of course! Most locals know it as the eatery that is open 24 hours for a late night snack. What many don't know is how rich in history it is
They have confusion about the original date of The Oxford, baffling…
20 Questions for Mike and Charene
Well, we made it through our first show as the new morning team for KYSS Fm! I'm Charene and this is my morning partner, Mike. We are honored to be able to follow in such great footsteps and be able to wake up KYSS Country with a smile. It's always a mystery as to who the new person is beh…