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Griz Player Learns He Has Cancer
The thought of finding out you have cancer is unfathomable, but finding out you have cancer just two weeks after your mother has beaten ovarian cancer is truly unfathomable. That unfortunately is what former Griz football player Cole Lockwood is dealing with right now...
I Won an Anchor at the Fly Fishing Movie!
Over $30,000 dollars in giveaways and up come the 30lb anchors. The words rang out, "out of all the cool things, I'll probably win an anchor". That's exactly what happened, won an anchor for the boat I don't have.
At least I won something right...
I Did Pilates for My First Time!
When people look at me at first they think I'm in decent shape and healthy... but that is not reality. The fact of someones weight or physical appearance sometimes has nothing to do with being healthy. This is why I have decided to get off my but more and actually do something about this...
Massive Herd of Elk In Montana
Wow, this is such an awesome video! This is the biggest herd of wild elk I have ever seen. Video footage was taken just a few days ago outside of Bozeman near Yellowstone. Poor little guy at the end is left behind, watching till the end is a must...
Rugby Eye Candy! The Tribal Haka Dance
I have always been a big fan of Rugby players and now after my boss showed me this video, I am an even bigger fan! They do this before every game
This dance is called the "Haka' a traditional war cry, dance or challenge from the Maori people of New Zealand...
Top Wino States!
A glass of vino at the end of a long day can relax you and has antioxidants so it has health benefits...or that's at least what I tell myself. A new survey just released has the top wine drinking states.
14th Annual Spring Fling Basketball Schedule
This weekend expect Missoula to be busy with 1500 kids coming to compete in the 2014 Spring Fling basketball tourney. The tourney is Saturday at these schools: Big Sky High School ,Sentinel High School, UM Adams Center, Loyola Rac Center, CS Porter, Bonner School, Hellgate Elementary...
Anyone Fish In Florida Before?
If you've listened to the morning show on KYSS Fm ( Mike and Charene) then you probably heard me talking about fishing... a lot. I'm not sure if it's this pro-longed winter we are having but that's all that's on my mind. Luckily I am taking a trip to Florida for my first tim…
Trace Adkins is Getting Divorced
I will tell you right now, this comes as a huge shock to me! Even though Trace has battled his demons with alcohol through out their 16 year marriage, Rhonda always seemed supportive and they seemed truly happy in the recent years. Well that has come to an end
Girl Breaks Sales Record With Girl Scout Cookies
We all wait for that time of year when the young ladies dressed in their cute vests and sashes go around selling Girl Scout Cookies. Personally I love the Samoa's and Thin Mints. Though many young ladies put many feet of work into this time of year, one girl in particular stands out this year.

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