Billy’s Vacation in Mexico!
All I can say is, SO MUCH FUN! Just remember life goes fast and if you don't slow down and enjoy it, it will pass you by. I have a passion for traveling and of course vacation. Here are some of the photos from my amazing trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico...
Billy’s Mexico Adventure – Whale Sharks
My wife Savannah and I have had so much fun with Zip Lines and swimming with Manatees and Sea Lions, this vacation to Playa del Carmen is amazing. Today I knock something off my bucket list, and swim with Whale Shark!
This adventure is part of the reason why we chose this destination, also we love re…
Flying First Class, Is It Worth It?
I have been on lots of flights but I have never upgraded to first class or business class for that matter. I have always felt that airline tickets cost so much already why should I pay more?
What Has Been Your Favorite Vacation?
What has been the best vacation you have ever experienced? I'm not talking about those three day weekends in Las Vegas when you end up more tired than before you left. I mean a trip where you actually felt refreshed when returning to work...

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