Dale Earnhardt Jr. Engaged
After six years with his girlfriend Amy Reimann, Dale Jr. popped the question. In a recent interview with USA Today Dale said, “The people we interact with on Twitter are, ‘When are you going to do it? Pop the question already'. She gets it more than I do: People telling her all the…
Karma Comes to One Ex!
Most of us have got through heart break, ending in never speaking with that person again. Well, there was one ex-wife that wasn't going to let things end like that. She needed to cause her former husband more aggravation than that. Although her payback didn't work like she had planned, she…
Sunny Sweeney Celebrates Recent Marriage With New Tattoo
Sunny Sweeney will never forget her wedding anniversary. The ‘Drink Myself Single’ singer has just inked the date on her bicep. “My new “11″ tattoo,” she tweeted yesterday, showing off the still healing, shiny new ‘XI’ (the Roman numeral for 11).

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