March Madness

Missoula Ranked in the Best/Worst Cities for March Madness
I think the fact we ranked period is a good sign and shows we are one of the better cities in the state at least for March Madness but not when it comes to other cities elsewhere. Sometimes college basketball is the most popular sport in an area just like college football is for us.
Final Four Tickets are Historically Cheap
Surprisingly, tickets for this weekend’s Final Four games are pretty cheap, as they’ve dropped 25% in the last week to historically low levels.
The current average price for tickets on the secondary market is $487 – while the average pri…
The President Picks Kansas
“Kansas has firepower.  They are going to go all the way.”  Those are the words President Obama used in predicting the University of Kansas will take it all home in the national men’s college basketball tournament.  The president has a pretty good record.
Big Day For The Big East
The Big East snagged a record 11 spots for the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, including a one seed in the Southeast region for Pittsburgh, who had been the Big East's  regular season champions.
Rounding out the top seeds were the defending NCAA champions Duke Blue Devils in the…