Best Montana Songs
Okay, so these may not be the best Montana, songs, because apparently there are not that many songs written specifically about Montana, however, some of them are amusing. I guess to get a lot of songs written about you, you need to be the biggest state like Texas or the home of country music like Te…
Rustic Party Décor
So, both my birthday and my husband’s birthday are in July. We usually do a joint birthday party since they are only a week apart. Of course, we do the usual barbecue and red solo cup combo. This year I would like to do something different. Mayb
Kids DIY Father’s Day Gifts
If you’re like me, then you probably find it difficult to find something just right for dad for his special day. It’s really difficult, if you’re trying to find something that the kids make and give to dad too. I’ve been trying to find some things for my boys to make for …
Baking Soda Can do What?
You can eat it, cook with it, clean with it and it also deodorizes. It is like some magical miracle powder. Here are just a few of the many things it can do.

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