Big Dipper’s 20th Anniversary Party
Big Dipper has set a special 20th anniversary party for this weekend, July 18 and 19th. Grab the beach towel and floppy hat, it's a beach-themed party, live music, and of course an ice cream eating contest.
Best Day of This Kids Life! [Video]
The little boy Sean was disappointed that his mom took him out of school early, then he got the best surprise of his life. His parents are taking him and his younger sister to Disney World for a whole week! His reaction is priceless, and I'm very jealous of Sean right now...
Should Montana Teachers Carry Guns in School?
Should Montana be the next state that allows teachers to carry a firearm while on school property? The state of Oklahoma just passed a new bill that will allow teachers to carry guns in school. Although if teachers want to exercise their right they will need to undergo training and must be licensed.…
Little Kid Talk About His First Kiss Ever!
Your very first kiss, how do you even put it into words. It was incredible, fantastic, and amazing all at the same time! This elementary school kid just experienced his first kiss and describes it perfectly. Check out this viral video of the day...

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