Video of Hostage Hoax in Missoula [NSFW]
You probably heard about the hostage hoax from yesterday afternoon in Missoula. Although, you probably didn't know there was a live stream video that was recording from inside the house that was occupied by the two people who were questioned in the incident...
‘High Tech’ Missoula Pandhandler Video a Hoax
The video that went viral about a Missoula, Montana panhandler using a Square card reader and smartphone to raise donations has been revealed as a hoax. While the filmmakers insisted that the video was authentic, others who viewed it called it's bluff early on...and now the panhandler himself h…
Ryan Gosling Facebook Hoax!
It seemed to good to be true -- Ryan Gosling announcing he was a dad on Father's Day -- and it was. A bogus Facebook post showing the actor with a baby made the rounds over the weekend and had women gushing.