2016 Halloween Light Display to ‘Thriller’
More Halloween fun! Now normally we get to see a lot of light displays for Christmas but not in this case down south, there is a big one for Halloween. A team of lighting experts set up a drive-thru lighting display synced to one of your favorite Halloween songs.
I Only Got a Few Trick-or-Treaters
We talked about the changing of the times and parents just not feeling safe with their kids trick-or-treating door-to-door. I love being able to scare and give kids candy, it is so much fun.
I had decorated up the front porch area and had a werewolf and a witch that scares expectant treaters...
Crayon and Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkins
It's easy and simple to do the crayon pumpkin, I have some video but it's as simple as putting crayons on your pumpkin and using a hairdryer to melt them.
Carving pumpkins can be whatever you make it. Whether you are original or unorthodox.

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