Almost Time For My Favorite Montana Summer Activity
The weather has been so nice lately all I want to do is grab my tube and float the Clark Fork. There is nothing better than spending the afternoon in the sunshine from the Sharon access and jumping out by Finn and Porter. That has been my favorite float for the past 5 years, as long as the sun is sh…
Top 5 Places to Raft the Clark Fork River
Where are the best places to float the Clark Fork River? Where are the safe launch points to load and unload your floats or drift boats? Thanks to our friends at King Fisher Fly Shop, we have a few recommendations to help you enjoy the most of what this exciting river has to offer, including maps!
Favorite Activities to Kick Off Summertime
I know it is often debated in Montana, which is better, Summer or Winter. There is no question for me. There is nothing better than the sun shining as you drive around with the window rolled down and the radio up! Ok, maybe if I had a huge Huckleberry Icee in the cup holder...
Floating the Clark Fork River on a Hot Summer Day
Four boys, one boat, two oars, one cooler full of food and drinks and six life jackets later we were on the river. It took all of about two minutes on the river before my boys jumped in the water. It was too hot to just sit in the boat and float. It wasn’t too long before I joined them.
6 Things to Do Outdoors This Summer in Montana
I’m always looking for things to do on my days off in the summer. I hate lying around at home and trying to figure out what to do. All I want to do is get out and enjoy the sunshine and summertime while it’s here. To help those of you out who are like me, I’ve compiled a list of my…

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