Backyard Chicken Addiction
I purchased a few chickens this spring and started my backyard chicken farm. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive at first as to exactly how things would go. I worried about my chickens running off if they were let out of the coop. I was concerned other animals would get into their coop and…
Backyard Chickens Finally Laying Eggs
This spring I dove head first into backyard chicken farming. I purchased seven laying hens and 16 chicks. I was off and running, and a little overwhelmed, but happy. Twelve of my chicks were to be eaten and four were to one day become laying hens.
A Garden for Him, a Chicken Coop for Her
So last year my husband really got into gardening. He built himself a nice big garden with raised beds and six foot high fences to keep the deer out. He probably had 300 tomatoes come out of his garden, along with a few other vegetables. The garden was a great success and he is already itching to tu…
Down on The Farm
Farming is an interesting way of life. You also have to have a sense of humor. Check out this video.