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Craig and Al – A Trip Down Memory Lane [SLIDESHOW]
Today, June 29 Craig and Al are celebrating 20 years of working together on the radio. Over the years they've helped a lot of people, made a lot of people laugh and helped many more start their day with a smile. Take a trip down memory lane through the early years of Craig and Al by flipping th…
Craig & Al – 1992
It was 20 years ago when Craig Johnson & Alan K first teamed together as the Craig & Al Morning Show on Missoula's Z100.  If you think back 20 years ago to 1992 the memories might seem a little misty.
Let me help you with that!
Pi Not Pie Day
OK so yesterday was Pi Day not Pie Day….we have plausible deniability….we were misled by Rev. Jim our Minister of Inspirational Catch Phrases.
Craig & Al Thank You Poem
Last Friday Craig & I were at Kid Central to read to some pre-schoolers. We enjoyed it very much. We got a very nice thank you note from Danielle Lewis from Kids Central .

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