cold and flu season

5 Cold Fighters
With the first snow of the year on the ground already, it’s time for people to start passing around bugs. The common cold is one of the most infamous of all bugs to be generously shared every year. My family survives at least one cold every winter, some more severe than others...
6 Foods That Help Fight a Cold
With the weather changing and fall upon, cold season is in full swing. Everyone in my household is sporting a cold right now. Colds do a good job of making us feel miserable. I will do or eat anything I can that helps to ward off a cold.
7 Simple Natural Cold Soothers and Cures
This time of year is filled with the sniffles and the sneezes. My boys have been coughing and hacking for the past couple months. It seems that as soon as one gets well, the cold has moved on to the next one. Pretty soon the whole family has had a cold for a month. If at all possible, I like to trea…