Video of the Lighting of the Tree Downtown Missoula
The Parade of Lights was this weekend and the annual lighting of the tree downtown Missoula. The countdown is always a fun part! Christmas fun and holiday spirit all around us. If you were in attendance then you are a part of this countdown for our Christmas tree for the Missoula area.
Christmas Decorating, My Tree is Finally Up!
This year it took me longer then a day to put up my tree then normal. I love decorating for the holidays and Christmas trees are probably the best. They brighten my day and in particular with all my grandas ornaments and keeping her memory alive.
My New Christmas Tradition
My new Christmas tradition has to do with my grandma and her ornaments. I hope I continue this for many many years to come although I know it could get a bit much.
This Is the Earliest Our Tree Has Gone Up!
This past Thanksgiving weekend was amazing! Lots of food, family, and decorations that were put up. I know many people and families have traditions of putting up their Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, or sometimes the day after. For Savannah and I we have never had a specific day, we put the…

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