Birthday Trio For Today
The Bentham's - would like to wish their friend Michele Samsel a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Plus it’s Bob Dameron’s birthday and Catherine Kaudy’s.
Whose birthday Is It?
Canden is 4 today-from Daddy, and so is Rebecca-from Mommy. There’s more, John Page, Sandy Tritz, Kathleen Benson , Ted Baker, Scott Roullier, Scott Kane, Bryan Dupuis,and Tayler Quist.
Who’s A Year Older ?
We’ve got a pretty good list of Birthday celebrants today. If you see someone you know on the list wish them a Happy Birthday.
Karen Driessen, Joe Stelling, Marc Binney, Tyler Gordon, Alexis Lentz.
Seven Year Olds Celebrate
George Alecci-7 from Oompahpah and Omah, Brady Whitman who goes to Woodman School from Mom, Dad, and Piper, Owen Hoag, 1st grader in Seeley Lake from Mom, Julene Shea from Deb, Keith and the Greggy “V” family, Michael Ellis, Berine Kuhns, Sr...