March 26th Listener Birthdays
The Donnelly twins, Phil and Phyllis are observing their birthdays today, they‘re 80. Phyllis’ daughter Shannon and Phil’s wife Nancy wish them Happy Birthday. Nancy requested a Don Williams song.
There are more KYSS Listeners celebrating birthdays today;

Dennis  Galland
Briana K…
Muppets Wish You Happy Birthday
There's some KYSS FM listeners celebrating birthdays today; Gene Salomon, Virginia England, Dav e Khoury, and Amanda Hawkins.  Mom wants to wish her son Jackson a Happy 6th Birthday. He lives in the Flint Creek Valley  and favorite things are cowboys and four wheelers...
This Is A Big Birthday
Boy there’s a lot of birthdays today. Ed Klapwyk, Lou Ann Sharkey, Patricia Wood, Ed Hodges, Joyce Hawley, Rich Sargent, and D.J. Mentzer  were all  born on this date.
Blustery Day Birthdays
March so far has been fairly docile but forecasters say today could be blustery. So our birthday partiers today better anchor things down.
Birthdays Are Back
After a day without any birthdays, we’re back. Belated best wishes to Reynaldo Mason, 3rd grader at Lolo School and becoming quite the little guy wrestler.  Jeanine Mastell  best wishes from Laurel and Kent.
March Arrives
March is the month when they say;” in like a lion out like lamb” or vice versa.
They’re Planning a Party
Party planners for today; Chad who works at Pyramid Lumber, Dave Wallace who coaches Special Olympics team members,  and daughter Becca wishes Mom Kerry, Happy Birthday. But wait there’s more; Mary Ann Gray, Tony Lerback, Jennifer Abrams, and Raeley Zeiler

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