Are You a Cat or Dog Person?
More people favor dogs than cats when it comes to having a pet. Recent research has revealed that 52% of us like digs as pets while only 21% chose cats. When it comes to gender more women than men would have a pet 64%-58%.
This survey also asked people what they would choose for an exotic pet...
We’ve got two dogs in our household and a cat that allows us to live in his house. They get along real well. So I guess we’re typical pet owners according to Public Policy Polling.
More people favor dogs than cats when it comes to having a pet...
Are Cats Serial Killers?
The long and short of it is yes. Cats are the worst kind of killers – serial killers. They kill over and over and usually with the same M.O. According to a report put together by scientists from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and the Fish and Wildlife Service, it was estimated that c…
Cat Chases Snowflakes
How many of you have cats? Are they indoor cats? Watch what happens when an indoor cat goes outdoors and experiences snow for the first time.
Meet The Politest Cat On The Internet
Cats have a reputation for being rude and mean, and in some cases it's not entirely undeserved. In other cases, though, there are cats who demonstrate just the opposite. Like this one, who politely taps a human on the arm, and keeps it up until he gets some scratches...

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