Is it Cat Saturday Yet?
I have to start out by saying that my husband is not a cat lover, in the slightest. However, every Saturday he eagerly awaits the new Cat Saturday posts. He then spends a good half an hour laughing (almost to the point of tears) at cat picture after cat picture.
Grumpy Cat Predicts Weather
H.H.C. Dunwoody, an Army first lieutenant who suggested in 1883 that rather than putting our faith in meteorologists who can’t predict the weather “for a longer period than two or three days, and frequently not longer than twenty-four hours,” we should follow the wisdom of animals.
What’s Up With A Cat’s Tail?
We’re an animal family… we have two dogs and one cat around the house. They get along very well except the few times when the boxer gets a little too rambunctious around the cat. It doesn’t take much more than a warning meow! to get the dog to settle down...

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