Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton and Tabloid Trash
Tabloid rumors seem to come with the territory when your famous. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have endured their share, including pregnancy and divorce reports. Blake says he takes the tabloid trash talk in stride.
Blake Shelton talks about the tabloid rumors.
Blake’s advice to Miranda?
Like most couples, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert rely on each other for advice -- especially when it comes to their careers. Blake says Miranda usually gives him good, solid advice. Blake's advice to Miranda? Not so solid.
Here’s What Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Argue About!
The two seem great, but you KNOW there has to be some things that they don't agree on, and in a recent interview Miranda spilled the beans!
One of the things they argue about are movies. Miranda says Blake “loves alien movies — like, he loves them and I don’t get it,” but, there’s a silver lining in …

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