They’re Planning a Party
Party planners for today; Chad who works at Pyramid Lumber, Dave Wallace who coaches Special Olympics team members,  and daughter Becca wishes Mom Kerry, Happy Birthday. But wait there’s more; Mary Ann Gray, Tony Lerback, Jennifer Abrams, and Raeley Zeiler
Happy Birthday For One
Just one birthday that we know of today, Sydney Wilson.
Tomorrow there are several; Patty DeYoung, Jenn Edgell, and Jack Moffetts' wife (he forgot to list her name). Enjoy your day all of you.
A Sparkplug Birthday
Victoria Lebsack is a freshman at Sentinel HS and a “real sparkplug and good kid” according to the “Heckler”, also celebrating birthdays today; Wes Gander, Carol Sears, Allen Knieper, and Iden Rodriguez.
A Big Day For Some
You could call them the 3 Musketeers for the 26th. Sherry “Shep” Jorgensen- from Jennifer, other birthday folks today; Jeannie Painter and Bailey Beckham.
Icy Birthday Day
This was a very icy day for Birthdays. So we'll feature an iced cake for today's celebrants; Big Dave Kirby-from Cindy & Woody, Clint Elkins, Terry Cleveland, Alex Bitter and Amber Bunting.

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