Favorite Toby Keith Song – Readers Poll
Toby Keith celebrated his 51st birthday yesterday. The singer shows no signs of slowing down, however, having just released his best album in years and embarked on another summer tour that promises to be amongst the most successful of 2012. It was one of his early hits that made the Top 100 Country …
A Solitary Birthday
Dad Donovan called from Billings to make sure his son Hunter, a 6th grader at Target Range School, knew Dad was thinking about him on his Birthday.
Jace Is 8 Today
Jace Riska is 8 today. Jace is a second grader at Hellgate Elementary. He loves sports, school and the GRIZ! Happy birthday from Mom,Dad, and sister Abby.
Leap Year Day Birthday
Time passes slowly for our lone birthday celebrant for today, after all Micky Hixson only gets to party once every four years.
Birthday Trio For Today
The Bentham's - would like to wish their friend Michele Samsel a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Plus it’s Bob Dameron’s birthday and Catherine Kaudy’s.
Snow Day Birthdays II
Lots’a Birthdays today; Ryan Pitman in Seeley Lake is 3-from the whole family. Jimmy & Kenny Kohler (the twins) are 22-from Mom, Dad and the whole family, Lew Tripp is 48- from Grandma Angie (who never misses a B-day), Jim Umber, Mel Blanchard, Franklin Jones, and Noah Kindred. La...
Birthdays Today
Happy Birthday today to; Gloria Drake, Dean Simon, Bob Schilz, Levi Dibble and Jacob Mandell.
Happy Holiday Birthday!
Jake Nachtigal, happy 19th birthday from Arielle and Zach (the siblings), and Kitty and Joe (the parents)
Also celebrating birthdays today; Richard Stevens, William Weston, David Braach.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Events
Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be observed on Monday, January 17th and many communities across the country will be joined in celebration including Missoula. Many events will take place at Caras Park and a list is available on-line. MLK Events in Missoula