A Beer Drinkers Dream Home
A New Zealand man came home to find that every tap in his house was running cold draught beer. The man’s friends had played a prank by rigging his plumbing system so that every tap - and even the shower - was linked to barrels of beer...
Not Your Ordinary DUI
This seems like something that would happen in Montana. I’m sure it probably has. Recently, a Colorado man lost his driver’s license so he decided to ride his horse to his brother’s wedding in Utah, 600 miles away. Since it’s not like he could just take the chance and drive h…
Yeah! Pumpkin Beer is Here!
There is a rumor going around that fall flavored beer is already out on store shelves. Apparently some beer drinkers are upset because they think that summer isn’t over yet. These beer lovers don’t want to even see a fall flavored beer until the leaves start to fall. However, I love fall…
Beer with Unique Names
Living in Missoula and being surrounded by some of the finest breweries, we are spoiled with a variety of beer. It’s safe to say that we know good beer when we taste it. Besides just brewing great beer, we are also known for creatively naming our beer too...
Sharks Help Beer Sales
Shark week starts Sunday on the Discovery Channel. In the Movie "Jaws" Capt. Quint crushes a Narragansett beer can. The Brewery is re-issuing that style can  for Shark Week.
Beer Drinkers on the Decline
I read a recent statistic that shocked me. Apparently beer drinking is on the decline. According to the most recent Gallup survey, beer consumption is down 20 percent from the 1990s.

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