Bears Are Hunting Too
General big game rifle season opens this Saturday at sunrise. FWP Bear Management Specialist, Jamie Jonkel  says this has been an especially busy fall for grizzly bear activity
Missoula Bear Tracker
Bears are on the move eating just about anything that catches their nose. They have one the best senses of smell and will follow a scent for miles.So when you put your garbage out the night before pickup you're sending out an full scented invitation...
Hunters Need to Take Care
It's the time of year when grizzlies bears are out foraging before they den up for the winter. If you're hunting in deep brush, like chokecherries, remember bears really like them.
Take the Kids Out for Dad’s Day
Here’s an idea for a fun weekend for the kids and Dad. Take them out to the Big Pine Fishing Access Site near Alberton.  Fish Wildlife and Parks has a kids day planned.  They’ll be teaching kids about bears. They’re getting help from the Great Bear Foundation...
HIs Wife Has Bear Hair
My husband is a born and bred true Montanan. He loves and lives to fish, hunt, hike and enjoy the outdoors. During our married life, I have learned just how deep his obsession goes with this beautiful place we are lucky enough to call home.
True Montana Pole Dancing
Have you ever been to a strip club? Well, I have not. So, I have often wondered what really goes on inside those places. No doubt they are filled with scantily clad ladies twirling their unmentionables and throwing them into a crowd of jeering men...
The Bear That Came Back
Black bears are great foragers and will eat darn near anything. They also have a good sense of direction.
Don’t Feed the Bears!
Craig & Al hit a "hot button" this morning judging from the phone calls it generated. DON'T FEED WILD ANIMALS!
Cool Trip to The Woods
Learn more about bears and enjoy a cool summer evening around the campfire at Big Pine Fishing Access Site.

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