Joker’s Wild Closing
This past week I stopped into Joker's Wild on Reserve Street in Missoula only to find out from the staff, their doors are closing. Sunday, April 19th will be the last day Joker's Wild will be open for business. The good news is that most employees won't go without a job, they will be …
Best Beer Bar in Town
My most recent copy of Draft Magazine has compiled their list of the 100 best beer bars in the U.S.
Missoula’s Best-Looking Bartenders
Our good friends over at 107.5 Zoo FM have an annual contest to find the best-looking bartenders in Missoula. This year they've posted the top ten ladies and the top ten men just in time for the Super Bowl.
Montana Towns Make the Top 10
It seems these days there’s a list for everything…the five most…..ten things you need to…. You get the idea? Anyway someone came up with a list of the ten drunkest cities in the U.S. Of the ten cities on the list eight of them are college towns...
There’s No Bar Quite Like The Filling Station
If you haven’t stopped in at The Filling Station in Seeley Lake you’re missing out on a fun place. The Filling Station is an institution.  It’s been there since St. Patrick ’s Day 1947. It was first opened by Eddie Coyle.  Beer sold for 15 cents and a shot was a qua…