Live Longer With Bacon
I love bacon and recently I was told it's not good for me to eat bacon everyday, well It appears that the fountain of youth may come with a side of bacon.
Bacon Done Right. This is New! Try It! [Video]
I love bacon as much as you. But like you (maybe), I try to be good and eat mostly turkey bacon (Oscar Meyer is my favorite choice). But every now an then, ya gotta have real bacon, right? I've never seen this method before and it makes total sense to me...
Why Bacon?
What is the big deal with bacon? Why does everyone love bacon so much? Everywhere I look on social media someone is posting this or that about how great bacon is. Really? Do people really have nothing better going on in their lives that they have time to talk about bacon?
Ford’s Bacon Car
Every dog in town is going to love this idea…wrapping your car to look like bacon. For now your car has to be a Ford Fiesta. The auto manufacturer came up with the idea for International Bacon Day, which is today, August 31. Options include subtle accents, racing stripes, or just covering nea…
Crockpot Potato Pig Soup Recipe
This soup is called potato pig, because I use either ham or bacon when I make this soup. All the boys in my family love both, but I definitely prefer ham. There is nothing quite like hot potato soup on a cold Montana day. It’s creamy and hearty. This is a super simple recipe. If you wanted to make i…