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Assembling a Desk for College, the End of the World
Assembling stuff at Christmas was always something as a kid you don't think of being a pain in the butt...but it is! As I am trying to be better at studying and doing work... I decided to get a desk and have a place to work/study and do things on my computer.
Five Back-To-School Tips
The first day of school! So exciting, scary and approaching fast. There are lots of tips, advice and reminders out there for parents and students for back-to-school. These are some tips that helped me or I wish I would have done when I was a kid.
New Test Show if Students Are Fat
In some states public schools have initiated an annual student weigh-in. The students’ body mass indexes are measured and the reports is sent home letting the parents know if the parents and student should be concerned about the child’s weight.
5 Things to Do Before School Starts
There are still a few days before school starts and I’m trying to make the best of them. I love school and the normalcy it brings to our life with a set schedule. However, my kids aren’t quite as excited for school to start as I am. So, I’ve put together a list of fun things to do …
Best Things About School Starting Again
I always love when summer is here and school ends until fall. My kids love it too. There is always so much anticipation as to what the summer will bring. Where will we go on vacation? Who will we see? What exciting things will happen?
Cops and Crosswalks Starting Wednesday [AUDIO]
Starting Wednesday and continuing through the fall, Missoula Police will place a greater emphasis on safety while pedestrians are using city crosswalks.
Traffic Sergeant Greg Amundsen says officers will be instructing pedestrians and drivers on the proper ways to safely cross the street, as well as h…
What Are America’s Top Colleges?
When the shocking cost of going to college nearly constitutes selling a kidney to an international ring of black market organ dealers, would-be students should probably ask themselves whether their education is really worth waking up in a bathtub full of ice just to pay for it.

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