New TV Show Inside Hospital Delivery Rooms
Being a man, I couldn't imagine the pain that is caused from giving birth. While child birth is a beautiful thing, I never want to know what it is like. We all have seen videos of guys trying to deal with the pain endured during child birth, no thanks...
Vote Now For ‘Montana’s Cutest Baby’ [FINALS ROUND]
It's time to vote for Montana's Cutest Baby. Three babies from each of the most populated towns in the state have been chosen, and now it's time to choose the overall winner. Vote now until Sunday, April 26. You can vote once per every 12 hours and can increase the odds of your favori…
Vote Now For ‘Missoula’s Cutest Baby’
It's time to vote for Missoula's Cutest Baby. Vote now until Sunday, April 19. You can vote once per every 12 hours and can increase the odds of your favorite baby winning this round by sharing this poll with everyone your friends and family!
Carrie Underwood Baby Photo
We all knew the child Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher had was going to be adorable but this photo is beyond that. And the best part Carrie placed a hockey stick in little Isaiah Michael Fisher's hand to show respect for his dad who is a professional hockey player for the Nashville Predators...
Ryan Gosling Facebook Hoax!
It seemed to good to be true -- Ryan Gosling announcing he was a dad on Father's Day -- and it was. A bogus Facebook post showing the actor with a baby made the rounds over the weekend and had women gushing.
Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Baby
1. Not testing your baby's name in the real world. You may want to keep it a secret, but your child will carry this around forever! Use it, say it out loud, make sure it's easy to pronounce and look out for tongue twisters and rhymes.
2. Using bizarre or nonsensical spellings just to be dif…
Missoula Baby Born on 11-12-13
Remembering our own birthdays is not that difficult. Mix in your brothers, sisters, mom, dad and friends, and things can get kind of dicey.
One little Missoulian won’t have any problem getting her friends to recall her special day.
Cutest, Saddest and Most Beautiful Video Ever
This is the most beautiful, sad and heart-warming video I’ve ever seen. I dare you to watch it without getting teary eyed. I don’t think it’s possible. The baby in this video seems to feel the sadness and pain that the song is portraying. It is pretty amazing.

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