Cutest, Saddest and Most Beautiful Video Ever
This is the most beautiful, sad and heart-warming video I’ve ever seen. I dare you to watch it without getting teary eyed. I don’t think it’s possible. The baby in this video seems to feel the sadness and pain that the song is portraying. It is pretty amazing.
A Coffee Lover’s Dream Come True
Like many Americans, I am a coffee lover. I’m a regular at a local coffee shop, so much so that I don’t even have to order. The baristas see me walk through the door and they start making my drink. I always have my drink in my hand before I’ve even paid for it.
Guy on a Buffalo
Living in Montana we are surrounded by nature and some of the most beautiful wildlife that you can find in North America. Montana also has a rodeo tradition in which people ride some pretty terrifying animals, from bucking broncos, to steer riding and even bull riding...