archery hunting

Good Sign for the Start of a Hunting Weekend
It is always a good sign I think when you are hunting to instantly see animals where you are. In this case I was actually off fishing but was heading to the same area for hunting the following day so seeing this was a good sign!
My Second Archery Trip, Enjoying the Journey
Fall holds a lot of great things, football, great fly fishing, school starts and so does hunting seasons. Archery has been something I have really gotten into the last 8 months. I am not hunting quite yet but going out on adventures learning a lot and enjoying the journey.
Good News for Hunters
The Magruder Corridor reopened this past week...that's good news for bowhunters who are out. The road straddles over 3 million acres of wilderness. It's advised that travellers take along a chain saw as there can be a lot of dead trees along the road...