Oh No, Skymall Is Gone Forever!
When you sit down waiting for your flight to take off everyone loves to look though the Skymall catalog. So many ridiculous items that you never knew that you needed.
Congress Takes On Cell Phones
Members of Congress, some of the nation's most frequent flyers, don't want to allow airline passengers to make cellphone calls in-flight and they're doing something about it.
Neptune Awarded New Long Term Contract
The good people at Neptune Aviation got some great news last week. Federal officials have awarded Neptune Aviation a contract to provide jet-powered retardant bombers for wildland firefighting.
New Montana Air Service
A Massachusetts-based airline is now providing Essential Air Service flights in Montana. Cape Air is serving five Montana cities,flying between Billings and Glendive, Glasgow, Sidney, Havre and Wolf Point. Cape Air flights on its nine-passenger planes are $49 each way including all taxes and fees...
Fire Fighting Neptune Aviation Has a New Contract With USFS
This is some good news for some good people. The U.S. Forest Service has renewed it’s contracts with Neptune Aviation Services, Inc. Neptune will fly six P2Vs and one jet-powered BAe-146 under the contract renewals to help fight forest fires this year...
Merry Christmas Micronesia
How about a cool story for Christmas from half way around the world? I saw this article in Airman Magazine.
For children living on the islands in Micronesia, Santa doesn’t deliver presents on his sleigh pulled by flying reindeer or wear his iconic red and white suit; he airdrops them from a C-1…