All right kids.  Let's move on to the "Weapons & The Great Outdoors" portion of our survey.  Let's start with "Best place to buy guns."

Best Place to Buy Guns:

1) Bob Wards

2) Wholesale Sports

3) Trader Brothers

Best Place to Fish:

1) Rock Creek

2) Brown's Lake

3) A whole bunch of variations of  "It's none of your damn business."

Favorite hike:

1) The "M"

2) Morrell Falls

3) Pattee Canyon

Favorite caliber of handgun.  Obviously it depends on whether you're "plinking" or out to rearrange the molecules in something because here are the top three choices.

1) 22

2) 357

3) 45

Best place to burn up 200-dollars worth of amunition while NOT hunting:

1) Deer Creek Shooting Range

2) Deep Creek Shooting Range

3) Any place there's gophers