All of us know somebody from around here that has gone to the “oilpatch”, Williston ND. Jobs are more plentiful there. A lot of people from the Craig & Al radio family have made that trek, some not so willingly. But they’ve got families to feed and bills to pay, just like the rest of us.

Many of the workers left their families here. There’s not much for housing in the oilfields, days are long and hard, and by some accounts it’s not a place to raise a family. A local bus company has shuttles running to the oilfields, so when workers have several days or weeks off they can come home and not have to do all the driving.

It seems like back in the 70's and 80's it was young guys headed to Wyoming excited about making good money to buy a new motorcycle, or muscle car or whatever. It feels different this time.

One of the “radio family” sent us some pictures from his job site, a shopping trip and sunset.  We miss these guys and hope they get back here someday.