This week, as you drive into Stevensville from Highway 93, you'll see the lineup of this year's scarecrows from the SASS (Stevensville Art and Sculpture Society) contest.

My suggestion - park the car, and walk down the walk to see these great creations. It doesn't take very long, and you'll get a chuckle out of some of them, such as "Don't Text and Fly" with the broom-riding witch who had a sudden stop. The Lone Rock Girl Scouts won First Place in People's Choice for that one. Second Place went to Sapphire Animal Hospital with "Not Today," and third place was "Faster, Freddy, Faster," a ramp-launched wheelchair from Discovery Care Center (see photo).

The SASS competition brings out the best in creativity and even a couple of scarecrows that actually look like scarecrows. Who'da thunk?

Before the weather changes, view the creations and enjoy! Ya gotta stop and smell the scarecrows!